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George Michael runs over some stuff again.

July 6, 2010

Modern Dreck’s favorite lovable drunk is at it again! (Cue snappy theme music, maybe 30 Rock’s whimsical opener?)

George Michael, forever my hero because of the way his ass looked in the “Faith” video and his unabashed love of trolling for strange in the bushes and on the intarwebz, was probably pretty tanked when he drove his Range Rover into a place called Snappy Snaps (aside: so many gay jokes, so little time) in London this A.M. I say ‘probably’ rather than abso-fuckin’-lutely because he wasn’t breathalyzed at the scene (huh?), leading me to believe, in coupling with this being his 7th driving offense, that the British just let this dude scamp all over the place whenever he wants because, hey, he was in Wham!. (That’s an ironclad legal argument if there ever was one.)

I find it so hard to hate this guy, even though I loathe anyone who gets peppered and decides to drive, so I’m just going to admit my dirty, little secret here. Apparently, if you’re responsible  for “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go,” you can do no wrong in my eyes.

But seriously, London, revoke his driver’s license and put him in the clink for awhile. I’m sure he’ll have fun there anyway.

-The Bitch

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